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Things to know when buying tyre

Get the Right Size

A tyre’s size is listed on its sidewalls for your ready reference. Replacement of tyres should always match what’s noted in your owner’s manual or car door jamb, not necessarily what’s currently on your vehicle.

Age Matters, Even With New Tyres

Car tyres are made up of rubber that tend to ruin over the time, even faster in hot climates. So while shopping for the radials, it is highly important to check its manufacturing date and following a letter sequence beginning with DOT, indicating the week and year it was manufactured.

Think Twice About Warranty

Manufacturers often offer mileage warranties, typically between 50,000 to 80,000 miles. However, if the truth to be told, drivers never get that kind of mileage from their tyres. And the heavier the vehicle is, the less you should expect, no matter how well you drive.

Know the Right Time For Replacement

You don’t have to be an experienced auto mechanic to know enough to be safe. Take time to look at your all five tyres including the spare one. Do they look worn or damaged? Do they pass the coin test? Insert a coin into the tyre tread, advised putting towards the center of the tyre.

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